TRC #263: Intimate Partner Violence + Polybius + General Tso’s Chicken

polybius-6Episode 263 of The Reality Check has arrived. The show starts up with Darren looking into a recent UN report about intimate partner violence. Elan then discusses the (urban?) legend of the arcade game Polybius. Adam closes out the show by answering whether or not General Tso invented his chicken dish namesake.

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UN Rape Report

IPV Study

Alternet article


Skeptoid – Polybius

Arcade History – Tempest

Skepticblog – Polybius video game of death – Polybius

Gamepro – Secrets and Lies

Wikipedia – Polybius (video_game)

Pixelbedlam – The Polybius urban legend

Interview with Stephen Roach

IMDB – The Last Starfighter

General Tso’s Chicken

The Reality Check #67: ABO Blood Type Personality + Moral Consistency + Fortune Cookies

General Tso’s Chicken – Wikipedia

Zuo Zongtang – Wikipedia

American Chinese cuisine – Wikipedia

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