TRC #258: Five Year Anniversary Show

bday2004_cakeEpisode 258 of The Reality Check is a special one as the gang celebrates the five year anniversary since episode #1 was released. After a bit of navel gazing, Darren discusses how to debate skeptical topics and Elan hosts a game of Science Fact or Science Fiction. The show ends with a couple voices from the past.

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Science Fact or Science Fiction

National Geographic – Chimps, Humans 96 Percent the Same, Gene Study Finds

ENS – Genes of Humans and Chimps 96 Percent the Same

Skeptical Science – Where is global warming going

CDC – History and Epidemiology of Global Smallpox Eradication

Wikipedia – Homeopathy Scales – Size of the universe


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One Response to TRC #258: Five Year Anniversary Show

  1. Ian says:

    …”our closest ancestor, the chimpanzee”? Ouch.

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