TRC #255: Canada Myths + Quirky Ways to Cool Down + Cesarean Section

canada-beaver-291x300255 Episodes in and TRC is still bringing the skepticism in a big way. The show starts off with Pat covering some commonly believed myths about our home country of Canada. Darren then presents some non-traditional ways to keep cool in the summer. Elan closes things out by answering whether the cesarean section procedure is named after Julius Caesar.

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Canada Myths

America’s snowiest places

Canadian snowfall statistics

Snowfall in Toronto

Snowfall St. Louis Missouri

Environics Hockey Survey (PDF)

Act to Make Hockey Canada’s Winter Sport

Who Says Canadians Are Polite?

Wikipedia:  Maple Syrup

Wikipedia: Igloo

Macleans: Canadian Myths That Wont Die

How Stuff Works: Igloo

Greatest Canadian Inventions

Famous Canadians

Cool Down Methods

CBC Article

Cesarean Section

U.S. National Library of Medicine – Cesarean Section – A Brief History

Odd Random Thoughts – Why Julius Caesar could not of been born by Cesarean section

Wikipedia – Caesarean Section

Snopes – Caesar Salad

Wikipedia – Caesar Salad


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