TRC #250: Alcohol & Breast Cancer + Coin Toss Odds + Viral Video Analysis

coin_tossEpisode 250 of The Reality Check is better than the previous 249 episodes COMBINED! Darren leads things off with a discussion of whether or not drinking alcohol increases the chances of a woman getting breast cancer. Elan then looks into the true odds of flipping a coin, as well as some other odds that aren’t as they may seem. Pat closes things out by revealing whether or not a recent viral video is real or not.

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Alcohol and Breast Cancer

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute (at NIH)

Alcohol and Breast Cancer (Wikipedia)

Breast Cancer (Wikipedia)

Risks for Breast Cancer


Dynamic Bias in the Coin Toss – Persi Diaconis

Science News – Toss Out the Toss Up – The Odds in a Coin Flip Aren’t Quite 50/50

Scientific American – Is a pregnant woman’s chance of giving birth to a boy 50 percent?

Wikipedia – Human Sex Ratio

Wikipedia – Birthday Problem

Wikipedia – Monty Hall Problem

Kiss Cam Breakup

YouTube Video

Sports Grid – Kiss Cam Hoax

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1 Response to TRC #250: Alcohol & Breast Cancer + Coin Toss Odds + Viral Video Analysis

  1. Peter Hansen says:

    Hi guys!
    Great show! I believe it was Darren who asked if there were any skeptics in Barcelona. I’m from Denmark but currently in Barcelona (have lived here for 8 years). I’m not aware of any current Skeptics In The Pub events (there have been some previously) but please let me know if you’re interested in checking out some pubs/bars anyway 😉 I’ll be here until June 30.

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