TRC #246: Where Does the Sun Rise and Set + Bodily Fluids Game + Shaving Dog in Summer

photoFor the first time ever, Pat, Elan, Adam and Darren all recorded a The Reality Check episode from the same location. From Pat’s living room, Darren starts things off by looking into whether the sun really does rise in the east and set in the west. Elan then leads a game of Science Fact or Science Fiction, with a theme of questions about bodily fluids. Adam closes things out with a segment on whether or not you should shave your dog in the summer.


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Sun Rise/Set Location


Stanford SOLAR centre


Bodily Fluids SFoSF – why women’s tears are a sexual turnoff – No Taste Without Saliva

Neatorama – The Expression Sweating Like a Pig has nothing to do with pigs

Wikipedia – Pig Iron

National Center for Biotechnology Information – Blood Cells

Dr. Lindemann’s Fun Sperm Facts!

Top 10 mammals with the highest sperm count

Shaving Dog in Summer

Thinking About Shaving Your Dog’s Hair Coat for the Summer?  Think Again!

Should you shave your dog or cat for summer?


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