TRC #230: Hibernation + Hockey Science Fact or Fiction + Beyonce Lip Sync

hibernationEpisode 230 of TRC is a doozy plain and simple. The show starts off with Adam presenting a far from tired skeptical topic, hibernation. Elan then leads a hockey-themed game of Science Fact or Science Fiction. Pat closes out the show with some sleuthing regarding whether or not Beyonce lip-synced the national anthem at Obama’s inauguration.

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How Hibernation Works – HowStuffWorks

Torpor – Wikipedia

Hockey Science Fact or Science Fiction

National Post – Mythbusters: The Stanley Cup playoffs edition

Canada Heritage Moment – Jaques Plante
Wikipedia – Clint Benedict
Wikipedia – Jaques Plante career stats

Wikipedia – Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Bleacher Report – 5 biggest myths in NHL

USA Hockey Magazine – Debunking the myths

Beyonce Lip Sync

Mike Doughty Article in Slate

Ian Shepherd’s Analysis



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5 Responses to TRC #230: Hibernation + Hockey Science Fact or Fiction + Beyonce Lip Sync

  1. John says:

    Beyonce has since admitted that she used the tape.

    Her excuse is that she is a perfectionist and that “the event wasn’t about me,” which I think is code for “I didn’t want to screw up.”

    I noticed that Kelly Clarkson used none of those excuses.


    • Pat says:

      Yes indeed. As dumbass says, I think this “admission” jives with what I said in the segment. Definitely two vocal were run and you can see video of them being played simultaneously. Only one vocal is audible on the official broadcast and, I maintain, it was the live vocal.

  2. Dumbass says:

    It’s entirely possible that she was lip-syncing but her microphone was still live, which would account for why the sound of her scarf flapping in the breeze was recorded.

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