TRC #209: Influencing Child Gender + Instant Noodles + Laser Sniper Rifles

Jon rejoins the gang this week as the guest host.   Elan discusses whether you can influence the gender of your baby while conceiving, Pat takes on whether instant noodles or noodle containers are coated in harmful wax and Adam looks at whether sniper rifles have laser sights.

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Show Notes:

Influencing Child Gender: – Choosing the sex of your child – Sex Selection Techniques for Everyone before Pregnancy

Wikipedia – The Shettles Method – Choosing you baby’s sex (folk wisdom)

Instant Noodles:

The facebook image:

Sniper Rifles:

Laser Sight – TV Tropes

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1 Response to TRC #209: Influencing Child Gender + Instant Noodles + Laser Sniper Rifles

  1. Omar says:

    Hi there.

    Was just listening to episode 209 with the discussion on influencing child gender. At about 19 minutes in, one of you mentioned China and the well known gender preference there. ( sorry I can’t tell from the voiced who is who 🙁 ) One of you brought up ethical issues. lol. I have lived in China since ’99 and have a detail to add about that. In mainland China, it is actually illegal for doctors to use ultrasound to tell parents the sex of their child. The reasons should be obvious and it goes without saying that people with enough money and connection get around the legalities but, nevertheless, the offficial govt. policy is that doctors, nurses, etc. are prohibited by Chinese law from informing the parents of the sex of their child.

    I came to China to study Chinese martial arts and heard Evan on the Hiyaa! podcast which I also listen to regularly. Great show and a very enjoyable “crossover” edition.

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