The Reality Check Episode 10 – Islamic Doll, What Energy Is Essay, and Cognitive Dissonance

In this episode Adam discusses a Fisher-Price doll that apparently says some ‘shocking’ things, Darren shares with us an essay he wrote about energy (and it’s misuse), and Jonathan discusses the psychological theory of cognitive dissonance. We then finish with the logical fallacy of the week and the science myth of the week.

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Show Notes

Show Notes:

Islamic Doll
Original News Article
Local Fox Affiliate TV Coverage
Debunking by
Stairway to Heaven Backwards

Wikipedia Entry on Energy

Cognitive Dissonance
Skeptic’s Dictionary Entry on Cognitive Dissonance
Audio Interview with Author of “Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me”
Amazon link to “Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me”: Canada US

Logical Fallacy of the Week
Appeal to Popularity

Science Myth of the Week
Sugar makes kids hyper

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