The Reality Check #94: Abiogenic Oil + Homosexuality and Evolution + Koala Bears


Jon talks about where crude oil comes from and the controversial abiogenic origin hypothesis. Elan looks into why homosexuality hasn’t been removed by natural selection. Adam busts the myth that Koalas are bears. He does not debunk their cuteness though.

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Show Notes
Abiogenic Oil


Richard Heinberg – The ‘Abiotic Oil’ Controversy

Ugo Bardi – Abiotic Oil: Science or Politics?

Wikipedia – Abiogenic Petroleum Origin

Homosexuality and Evolution

Sexually Antagonistic Selection – A Darwinian Evolution Model For Homosexuality

Evolution myths: Natural selection cannot explain homosexuality

Twin Studies of Homosexuality

Book: Evolution For Everyone by David Sloan Wilson

Koala Bears
Koala – Wikipedia
Marsupial – Wikipedia
Phascolarctidae – Wikipedia
Bear – Wikipedia

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