The Reality Check #63: Satanic Ritual Abuse + Animal Hybrids + Men vs Women Drivers

This week Jon delivers a segment on a moral panic from the 80s Satanic Ritual Abuse, Adam talks about Animals Hybrids just so he can mention the term ‘Liger’, and Darren enters the controversial debate about who are better drivers, men or women.

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Show Notes
Satanic Ritual Abuse
Michelle Remembers

Skeptic North Blog Article by Jon

Capturing the Friedmans

Animal Hybrids
Hybrid – Wikipedia

Zonkey, Zorse and Camel arrive at the creationist museum

Top 10 Animal Hybrids

Look! A real mermaid!

Male vs Female Drivers
Various links

Hawaiian study

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2 Responses to The Reality Check #63: Satanic Ritual Abuse + Animal Hybrids + Men vs Women Drivers

  1. Me says:

    Source on the story of a woman who accused a doctor she saw on tv of assaulting her, please.

    Or at least more googleable details.

  2. Darren McKee says:

    Hi there,
    Unfortunately, I cannot remember which book I read that in (and it is really hard to Google!). Although I try to only say things I consider reputable and/or verifiable, given that I can’t recall maybe it shouldn’t be a line we weight heavily.


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