The Reality Check #44: Avro Arrow Conspiracy + Brain Drain + Beavertails

Avro Arrow

Happy Canada Day! Xander exposes the truth behind the Avro Arrow conspiracy, Darren goes to great pains to unearth the facts around the brain drain, and Adam bites into a beavertail misconception.

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Show Notes
Avro Arrow History of the Avro Arrow

The Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast
Dan Akroyd’s CRAZY Ad for his Vodka


Brain Drain
Statscan report highlights
Statscan report


Beavertail Myth
You don’t need one!

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1 Response to The Reality Check #44: Avro Arrow Conspiracy + Brain Drain + Beavertails

  1. Mark Zavarella says:

    In your pod cast you talk about the Avro Arrow being so specialized and that specialty was no longer required. The Arrow was designed and intended to be an interceptor as you state but you state that need no longer existed. you also state we did not buy an American aircraft to replace the Arrow…implying we scraped the arrow and a need for a dedicated interceptor. I have two comments on that point.

    One, how do you explain the F-104 Starfighter or specifically the CF-104 Starfighter. Which is a very successful dedicated interceptor…which we bought from the US. The F-104 came into service in 1958 and we cancelled the Arrow in 1959.

    Two, the Russian Bear bombers which were the threat the Arrow was designed to counter, are still, to this day in service. These bombers are still out there probing Canadian airspace and the need for an aircraft to intercept these bombers still exists to this day.

    Thanks for giving this some thought.

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