The Reality Check 198: Marijuana and Cancer + Kobe Beef + Start a Skeptic Group

This is the final episode with Jon as a regular co-host. Adam looks into Tommy Chong’s claims that marijuana cures cancer. Elan discovers the shocking truth behind Kobe beef. Jon answers a listeners email about how to start a skeptics organization.

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Show Notes

Weed and Cancer

Tommy Chong Has Prostate Cancer, Says “Cannabis Is a Cure” – E! Online

Run From The Cure: How Cannabis Cures Cancer And Why No One Knows – Cannabis Culture

Medical cannabis – Wikipedia

Cannabis Cures Cancer? – Skeptic North


Kobe Beef

Wikipedia – Kobe Beef – Creepiest Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You

NPR: That’s not Kobe Beef You’re Eating

Forbes: The great kobe beef lie

Toronto Start – Kobe Beef in Canada isn’t what you think it is


Jon’s Goodbye

How do you start a skeptics group?


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5 Responses to The Reality Check 198: Marijuana and Cancer + Kobe Beef + Start a Skeptic Group

  1. danie says:

    Do your research, rick has. He has tons of testimonials to prove how it helps. Cannabis is not an addictive drug since there is no physical withdrawl on the body.

  2. Patrick S says:

    Ever hear of PubMed? It’s like Google for medical journals and research papers.

    If evidence supports using cannabinoids to cure cancer*, the evidence is on And evidence does support using cannabinoids to destroy tumors without affecting healthy surrounding tissue.

    *This is not a big secret in the medical community, but the medical community is run by lawyers, not doctors anymore.

  3. TJefferson says:

    LOL!!! You two “skeptics” certainly devolved into a pair of idiots with a podcast and .org website in the end and could not possibly have done anything like research . Try starting with the “Endo-Cannabinoid System”, and get back to us in 6 months or so.

    And if you are capable of comprehension you might want to check out the links below

    U.S. Patent # 6630507

    Granny Storm Crows List ( 700+ studies)

    What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

    Rick Simpson Run From The Cure (Second Edition)

    Shona Banda – Live Free or Die

    Cured: A Cannabis Story (A Film By David Triplett)

    Dennis Hill, Biochemist Cures his Cancer with Cannabinoid Oil

  4. Luca says:

    LOL who listens to this shit? Two morons talking about a subjects they know nothing about… Barely able to read… Making feeble minded jokes? Also, have to comment on this, you trust a 300 billion dollar a year cancer treatment industry to cure cancer? If you think this, you should be the last person to have a show called Reality Check. You can’t even repeat something you read in a study, CB1 and CB2 are RECEPTORS!!! Cannabis has more than 600 active substances in it… Please do some reserach if u dont want to sound like a retard on your podcast. Lets import some chineze people…

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