The Reality Check #19: Pseudoegyptology, Feng Shui, and the Rule of Thumb

Orion Pyramids

This week we dig up Graham Hancock’s theories about lost continents and their evidence in Egypt, we discuss how Feng Shui controls flow of money (rather than chi), and we place a finger on the origin of the term “Rule of Thumb”.

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Show Notes

Show Notes:

Graham Hancock on Wikipedia
Orion Constellation Theory
Earth Crust Displacement Theory Criticism
Medieval Antarctic Map Criticism Bonus: Modern Medieval Map Myths
Review of 10, 000 BC

Feng Shui
Skeptic’s Dictionary Entry on Feng Shui
Yau-Man Chan on Feng Shui

The Rule of Thumb
The Straight Dope
Michael Quinion on the origin of the phrase

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