The Reality Check #186: Gas Boycotts + Chris Hassall + Mattress Tags

Jon looks into if gas boycott emails actually have a chance of working. Chris Hassall is interviewed about his (and CASS’ ) role in exposing climate change denial at Carleton University. Adam explains why it’s illegal to remove mattress tags, or does he?

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Show Notes

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12 Responses to The Reality Check #186: Gas Boycotts + Chris Hassall + Mattress Tags

  1. Jessev says:

    I’ve downloaded from iTunes twice, and tried the mp3 here. All of them show the episode as 17:30 long! So far it’s continued to play but I’m afraid to pause it lol. Just letting you know!

  2. Jessev says:

    Me again… it stopped at the end of the first segment. If I play the mp3 in VLC I can get to the end of the second segment, but the counter is going crazy! I’m dying to know about mattress tags…

  3. Jon says:

    Sorry Jesse. I had uploaded a bad file last night but uploaded the correct version this morning. Maybe your computer has cached it? I just redownloaded it to check it out, and it’s the correct length.

  4. Jessev says:

    I can listen from the iTunes store, but it’s still serving up the 17:30 version when I download. Oh well, thanks!

    PS- “I’m a Skeptic and I Know It” is one of my favorite intro’s ever

  5. Jon says:

    I’ve looked into it a bit more. It looks like the problem’s with our ‘host’. I uploaded the fixed version but some of their servers are still serving up the old version of the audio file. I’ve sent their support an email.

  6. Jon says:

    It’s fixed! Got confirmation that the bad file’s been expunged from the server. Sorry about that!

  7. Caffiene says:

    Just downloaded it and its still weird in Winamp for me… The file info shows that its about an hour, but the playlist only has 17:30.

  8. PHodgson says:

    Thanks, Jonathan. It’s working now.

  9. Boop says:

    Upload the tag with the Japanese on it and I’ll translate it for you.

  10. aDam says:

    I think the katakana says “Polyester” but I can’t read the kanji.

  11. Boop says:

    [quote name=Adam Gardner]

    I think the katakana says “Polyester” but I can’t read the kanji.[/quote]The tag says:

    Translated, it means:
    Processed Materials
    Substance: Polyester

  12. aDam says:

    Makes sense. Nothing about removing it then. Thanks for translating.

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