The Reality Check #177: Vampires + Vacuum Survival + Rib Removal Myths

Adam looks into whether there exist real vampires among us. Darren finds out what would actually happen to you if you were ejected into space. Elan debunks a few celebrity related myths dealing with rib removal surgery.

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Show NotesVampires

Keanu Reeves is immortal

The cast of Bill and Ted…

Is Nicolas Cage immortal?

Nicolas Cage Is A Time Traveler

John Travolta: Is this a photo of the Grease star in 1860?

Vampires – Wikipedia

Did vampires suffer from the disease porphyria – or not? – The Straight Dope

Real vampire website: for real vampires and people wanting to learn about real vampires for Real Vampires, Blood Drinkers and Vampiric People

Vacuum Survival

NASA Ask an Astrophysicist

Rib Removal Myths

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