The Reality Check #164: Black Cat Abuse On Halloween + Blue Blood + Vampire Ecology

Adam discusses whether or not black cats are at risk for abuse on Halloween. Darren looks into why humans have red blood and not blue blood. Jon takes a critical looks at what would happen if vampirism really existed, would it take over the world?

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Show Notes

Black Cats

Horrors of Halloween
Fears Prompt Shelters to Suspend Cat Adoptions for Halloween –
Halloween Cat Sacrifices – Real Danger or Urban Legend? –
Black Cats Least Likely to Be Adopted: Felines with Dark Fur Have Less Chance of Finding Loving Homes –
Cats Sacrificed at Halloween –

Blue Blood

Straight Dope

Idaho Public TV facts page


Vampire Carrying Capacity of Sunnydale
Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency
Searching for Vampire Graves by Joe Nickell

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