The Reality Check #157: Uncanny Valley + Equilibrium Bandz + TRC Origins

Adam covers the issue of the “uncanny valley”, why do modern animated movies like “The Polar Express” look so creepy? Elan received a bit of hilarious pseudoscience as a daily deal in his email recently and skewers it on the show. The email of the week asks the hosts of TRC about the podcasts’ origins. Finally, an answer to the question: “Why would you ever let Adam on the air?!”

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Show Notes

Uncanny Valley

Masahori Mori’s original 1970 paper on The Uncanny Valley
Uncanny Valley – Wikipedia
The Truth About Robots and the Uncanny Valley: Analysis – Popular Mechanics
Like human, monkeys fall into the ‘uncanny valley’ – Princeton University
Why Brains Get Creeped Out by Androids – Wired Science

Crappy Taxidermy Blog

Einstein Face

Equilibrium Bandz

Quackwatch – Qray bracelets

Wikipedia – Serotonin

ehow – Serotonin Syndrome

Livestrong – Symptoms of low blood circulation

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