The Reality Check #146: Micro-financing + Light Bulb Longevity + Cold Causes

Darren cuts through the hype to find out if micro-financing actually helps people. Adam takes a look at a light bulb that has supposedly been lit for over a hundred years, and then the rabbit hole goes deeper. Elan looks into whether your mom was right, does being cold cause you to get the common cold?

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Show Notes


GiveWell blog post
More Than Good Intention review

Light Bulb Longevity

Livermore Lightbulb – Snopes
Pyramids of Waste – The Lightbulb Conspiracy – Planned obsolescence documentary
German blog talking about light bulb cartel
Funny Stride Gum Commercial
The Zeitgeist Movement

Cold Causes

mothersdaycentral – Myth busting your mom – Cold

Dry air leads to increase in flus


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