The Reality Check #142: Children’s Toy Preferences + Interview with Jon Kay + Video Game Myths

Adam discusses the controversial issue of whether children’s choice of toys are influenced by their gender. Jon interviews Jon Kay about his new book “Among the Truthers”. Elan goes over a few myths about specific video games from 20 years ago.

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Show Notes

Children’s Toy Preferences

The Story of X by Lois Gould
Chimp “Girls” Play With “Dolls” Too – First Wild Evidence
Why do boys and girls prefer different toys? – Psychology Today
Boys ‘prefer cars from early on’
Boys like cars, girls like dolls
Parents of ‘genderless’ baby are giving their children headstart at independence

Interview with Jon Kay

Jon Kay’s Blog
Jon Kay’s Book

Video Game Myths

CrispyGamer: Video game myths

Jump over flagpole

Gametrailers flagpole

Perezstart 7 urban legends

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