The Reality Check #132: Do Earthquakes Mean The End Times? + Radiation Dangers + Is It Healthy To Looks At Women’s Breasts?

Jon shows via statistics that the latest rash of bad earthquakes may not necessarily spell doom for Earth. Adam explains why people shouldn’t be too worried about the radiation coming out of Fukushima. Darren reports on a Boston Fox affiliate’s coverage of a supposed study that claims staring at breasts is good for you.

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Show Notes
Do Earthquakes Mean End of Times:

ABC News

Magnitude Scales

Wikipedia – Richter Magnitude Scale

National Post – How an Earthquake Magnitude is Calculated

USGS – Average Annual Earthquakes by Magnitude

Radiation Dangers:

MIT NSE Nuclear Information Hub

Map showing Fukushima Daiichi plant & Vancouver …
Iodide Pill Don’t Block Radiation Sickness
Radiation poisoning – Wikipedia

Is It Healthy To Look At Women’s Breasts:

Fox(with retraction)

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