The Reality Check #123: Biorhythms + Celebrity Sexcapades + Do Sharks Get Cancer?

Look Whos Talking

Elan gets groovy with biorhythms. Adam gossips about celebrities and whether their supposed sexual conquests add up. Jon answers the question: “Do sharks get cancer?”

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Show Notes
Skeptic Dictionary – Biorhythms

Celebrity Sex Claims
Personal life of Wilt Chamberlain – Love life and “20,000 women” claim – Wikipedia
Ex-Lakers Reporter Obliterates Wilt’s 20,000 Myth – Sports by Brooks
Warren Beatty’s Sex Life: A Mathematical Analysis – Guest of a Guest
Gene Simmons – Hard Proof He Banged 5,000 Chicks – TMZ

Do Sharks Get Cancer?

“Sharks Do Get Cancer” – Article from Journal of National Cancer Institute (pdf)

Shark Cartilage, Cancer and the Growing Threat of Pseudoscience – Published in the journal Cancer Research

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