Announcing New Ottawa Skeptics Podcast: The Reality Check

TRC14x14It is with great pleasure that I get to announce the creation of Canada’s first ever podcast dedicated to science and skepticism (that we know of). It is called “The Reality Check”.

Adam, Catherine, Xander, and I have been meeting every Thursday night for the past month to record a roughly 1 hour long show where we discuss various news items dealing with science and/or skepticism. There are already four shows available, and expect one more show every week. We have big plans for the show, interview guests, different segments, and even being broadcast on the radio.

So please, have a listen, it’s free! If you use iTunes, then just click this link to access the show and subscribe. If you like the show, then please leave us a review in iTunes.If you’ve never used podcasts before, then I recommend that you download iTunes, it’s the easiest way to access podcasts, it’s free and does not require an iPod.

Show Notes

If you don’t use iTunes, then you can use this standard RSS feed to either listen directly on your computer, or on your mp3 player.

If you have a question that you would like addressed ‘on the air’, have any comments, have suggestions, or need help getting the podcast, please send an email to us.

I’d like to thank Pat for his great ongoing behind the scenes work with both our music and logo, we could not have done it without you! And of course, I’d like to thank my fellow panelists on the show, especially Xander for doing the extra work of editing the show every week.

Here are the episodes so far:

Episode 4: mp3

Episode 3: mp3

Episode 2: download mp3

Episode 1 : download mp3

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  1. Darren says:

    Darren here,

    Question for us all: Are we the first ever Canadian skeptical podcast? If so, we should mention that more.

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