TRC #658: Iran Protest Misinfo + Medieval Peasants Worked Less + What Is A Slug?

Darren clears up some misinformation about a viral post that Iran was planning to execute 15,000 protesters.  Adam looks into a claim that medieval peasants work far fewer hours than we do in modern times.  Lastly we check in with our fifth Beatle, Dr. Stuart Robbins, about the slug in response to a listener email.

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Iran Misinfo

Timeline of the Mahsa Amini protests – Wikipedia

False claim about Iran protester executions goes viral with help from celebrities and politicians (

Misinformation about Iran death sentences fooled Trudeau — and could help Tehran spin news about protests | CBC News

Ian Bremmer retraction tweet

Mediaval Peasants

What Did Medieval Peasants Know? – The Atlantic

@AzieDee –

Do You Work Longer Hours Than a Medieval Peasant? – Tudorscribe

The origin of the weekend – The Sydney Morning Herald

What Was Life Like for Medieval Peasants? – History Hit

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