TRC #448: Justin Trudeau & Cupping + Ask An Astronomer ft Dr. Stuart Robbins + Duct Tape

What’s up, Checkers! This week, Adam takes a closer look at cupping therapy after Prime Minister Trudeau is spotted doing an interview with cup-shaped bruises on his arms. Our favo(u)rite resident astronomer Dr. Stuart Robbins joins the crew to explain zero gravity and how our bodies would respond if we stopped accelerating in space. Finally, Darren looks into the sticky truth about duct tape.

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Justin Trudeau and Cupping

When Trudeau wants a cuppa, it’s apparently not tea he wants – The Star

Justin Trudeau uses ‘cupping’ — ancient skin therapy popular among athletes, celebrities — photos reveal – The National Post

What is cupping, and why is Justin Trudeau doing it? – Macleans

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Cupping – Olympic Pseudoscience – Science-Based Medicine

Is Cupping an Effective Treatment? An Overview of Systematic Reviews – ResearchGate

Ask An Astronomer

The Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast

Duct Tape

Duct tape

Boston Globe


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