TRC #424: Harambe For President? + Moving To Canada + Trump Predictions

harambeforprezPat kicks off The Reality Check’s first post-US election show looking into claims that voters may have thrown off the election results by voting Harambe 2016. Adam gives any disgruntled American friends the 411 on how to move to Canada. Finally, Cristina scrutinizes the validity of alleged uncanny Trump predictions floating around social media.

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Harambe For President?

No, Harambe didn’t get 11K votes  

Daily Snark

VOX: Third Party Votes

PBS: Write In Votes

Snopes: Harambe 15,000 Votes

VOX: Write In Votes

NBC Miami Coverage

NY Times: Protest Votes

CNN: Harambe Votes

Baltimore Sun

Moving To Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

How to Move to Canada: 11 Steps (with Pictures) wikiHow

This is what you need to do to move to Canada – CNBC

Trump Predictions

Trumptastic Voyage | Season 25 | THE SIMPSONS

Slate: A List of the Pundits, Psychics, and Animals Who Predicted Trump’s Victory

Nine: Nostradamus probably didn’t predict Donald Trump’s presidency

Buzzfeed: People Think “The Simpsons” Predicted Trump’s Win But It’s Not True

Buzzfeed: “The Simpsons” Just Responded To Their Correct Presidential Prediction

Buzzfeed: A Kurt Cobain Quote About Donald Trump Is Going Viral, But It’s Fake

Wiki: Bart to the Future

Snopes: Smells Like Mean Spirit

Nostradamus Predictions: Did The French Prophet Predict Donald Trump 2016 US Presidential Election Victory Would Lead To World War 3?

Washington Post: Trump is headed for a win, says professor who has predicted 30 years of presidential outcomes correctly

Merriam-Webster: Prediction

Merriam-Webster: Forecast

Facebook: Trump Train

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