TRC #399: Free Throw Distraction + Differentiating Science From Pseudoscience + Do Politicians Keep Promises

flow-stateThe whole crew is back together.  First Pat examines whether fans can affect the outcome of  basketball games by distracting players who are taking free throws.   Next Darren looks into the demarcation problem in the philosophy of science.  Lastly Cristina checks up on how well politicians do with keeping their campaign promises.

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Free Throw Distraction

NYTimes: Scientific Free Throw Distractions

Slate: Foul Play

NYTimes: Which Fans Are Best At Free Throw Distraction

Total Pro Sports: Impressive Free Throw Distractions

Differentiating Science From Pseudoscience



Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Do Politicians Keep Their Promises

Trust Us: Politicians Keep Most Of Their Promises

Measuring How Political Parties Keep Their Promises: A Positive Perspective from Political Science

Rasmussen Reports: Just 4% Say Candidates Keep Their Campaign Promises

Rasmussen Reports: Questions – Campaign Promises – November 2-3, 2014

Psychology Today: Politicians Keep Their Promises More Often Than You Think

Politifact: Tracking GOP Promises

Campaign Promises What They Say is How They’ll Govern

Bush Honored For Courage

Do They Walk Like They Talk?

Wiki: Rasmussen Reports

Wiki: Nate Silver

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