TRC #370: Antibacterial Soap + Maple Water + Anti-Vaxxers Funding Fail + Top CO2 Emitters

soapTRC drops four segments this week for your listening pleasure. First, Pat scours the research after a listener writes in questioning whether antibacterial soap is more effective at killing germs.  Adam taps into the recent health claims lauding the benefits of Maple Water. Cristina looks into why anti-vaxxers are up in arms over a recently published funded study. Finally, Darren takes an exhaustive look at which countries are the highest CO2 emitters.

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Antibacterial Soap Links

Medical XPress Article Sent In By Listener “ByTheLake Running”

Paper in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

2007 Paper in Clinical Infectious Diseases

FDA:  Proposed Rule

Systematic Review Clinical Infectious Disease

TIME: Antibacterial Soap Is A Wash

US Dept of Health and Human Services: Household Products Containing Triclosan

PNAS:  Triclosan Promotes Liver Tumours In Mice

NPR: Do You Really Need Antimicrobials In Your Soap

Maple Water

Coconut Water – Rehydrating with the Naturalistic Fallacy – Skeptic North

Maple Water – SEVA 100% Pure Organic Maple Water

Oviva – Une eau d’érable, pure et naturelle, très légèrement sucrée et veloutée

Don’t Drink the Maple Water: Which Health Drinks Are Actually Healthy

Huff Post: Maple Water

How Stuff Works

How to Make Maple Syrup – Common Sense Home

Anti-Vaxxers Funding Fail

Newsweek: Anti-Vaxxers Accidentally Fund a Study Showing No Link Between Autism and Vaccines

PNAS Study

Popular Mechanics: Anti-Vaccination Groups Dealt Blow as Lancet Study is Retracted

Top CO2 Emitters

CAIT Climate Data Explorer

Scientific American

World resource institute

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