TRC #358: Guerrilla Skepticism + Foul-mouthed Minions + The Munchies

minion2Wassup TRC’ers! Darren kicks things off with a detailed segment about Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia, aka GSoW. Adam serves us a lighthearted look at whether McDonald’s Happy Meal Minions are swearing at us.  Finally, Cristina asks the burning question, what’s the science behind “The Munchies”?

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Guerrilla Skepticism

NY Times


CSI article by Susan Gerbic

Wikipedia – Semmelweis

Foul-mouthed Minions

Mcdonalds Minion toy fail

Is this Mcdonald’s Minion toy swearing?

NAACP calls out Hallmark over ‘racist’ graduation greeting

The Munchies

Yale News: How the brain flips the hunger switch

NPR: How marijuana hijacks your brain to create the munchies

NPR: The Neuroscience Of Munchies

CBC: Marijuana munchies are all in the brain, study finds

IFL Science: Marijuana Triggers Munchies Flipping Hunger Switch

Nature: Hypothalamic POMC neurons promote cannabinoid-induced feeding

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4 Responses to TRC #358: Guerrilla Skepticism + Foul-mouthed Minions + The Munchies

  1. -DeeT says:

    I loved the segment on audio pareidolia. Here are a couple of my favorite examples of the phenomenon.

    The first example comes from Simon Singh, one of my favorite authors. He plays a Led Zeppelin song backwards, first without priming the audience, and then with priming.

    Simon Singh

    This next one was posted to reddit recently. Resist the temptation to read the article until you’ve played the sound clip, for obvious reasons. Once you know what you’re supposed to be hearing, you’re ruined forever!

    Can’t Unhear

    Finally, you’ve probably heard of the McGurk Effect, but it’s somewhat related and pretty dramatic.

    McGurk Effect

    Smiles from Sunny New Mexico,

  2. -DeeT says:

    Oh! You might also like this guy. He hasn’t posted a video in a while but he reviews questionable toys of various sorts. Sometimes audio is involved; other times it’s an apparently inappropriate gesture or bit of anatomy, or just an altogether wrongheaded design, like a toy gun that shoots candy into your mouth.

    The video I chose to link here shows a Disney themed toy where the moving Pluto figure just might be enjoying himself a little too much.

    Jeepers Media

  3. Sage Radachowsky says:

    Your first segment is actually specious, which you define for us so well — superficially sounds good but is actually wrong. GSoW is an ideological pushing coup. It’s wrong.

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