TRC #349: Dubious Health Bloggers + Crop Circles + Tax-Free Savings Account

crop circles_xoTRC is bringin’ it! Cristina bites into a segment about dubious Health, or self-professed “wellness” bloggers and the potential hazards of their claims, and in some cases lies. Adam touches down with a detailed look into the origins of crop circles and the various explanations behind them. Finally, Darren dips into Tax-Free Savings Accounts to break down a political statement.

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Dubious Health Bloggers

BBC News: Australian health blogger admits faking terminal cancer

The Guardian: Belle Gibson’s cancer lie is the tedious fulfilment of New Age thought

AU News: Belle Gibson: ‘No, None of it is true’

AWW: The truth about Belle Gibson

The Guardian: None of it’s true. Wellness blogger Belle Gibson admits she never had cancer

The Guardian: Pseudoscience and strawberries: ‘wellness’ gurus should carry a health warning

Gawker: The Food Babe Blogger is full of shit

Daily Mail: Belle Gibson lied cancer survival story

Science Babe Website

Science Based Medicine: Vani Hari aka The Food Babe

Neurologica Blog: Eating yoga mats

Science Based Medicine – Microwaves and nutrition

FoodBabe Subway

Crop Circles

Crop Circle – Wikipedia

Circular Reasoning: The ‘Mystery’ of Crop Circles and Their ‘Orbs’ of Light – CSICOP

How Stuff Works

Crop Circles Explained – Live Science

Crop circle Jerks – Skeptoid

Crop circles – Rational Wiki

Crop “circle” the Skeptic’s Dictionary

Tax Free Savings Account




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5 Responses to TRC #349: Dubious Health Bloggers + Crop Circles + Tax-Free Savings Account

  1. flumped says:

    I like the show, but your pronunciation of UK county names is painful. Go to the website “forvo”, and you can type in a county name, or any word, and hear it pronounced by the natives.

  2. Nick says:

    Congrats for another great episode. I especially like Darren’s segment on tax free savings account. The way Darren investigated a politician’s number claim is reminiscent of the BBC radio’s More or Less. It is nice to have a Canadian equivalent.

  3. SmaMan says:

    Great show! I, too, am glad people are wising up to people like Food Babe and others like her. (I work for an ABC affiliate, so I hear about these all the time… groan.)

    One thing I wish is that in the show notes, you could link to the other episodes you reference in the podcast. I’m curious about the Vitamin C debunking you brought up in that segment.

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