TRC #339: Was Everyone In The Middle Ages Drunk? + Lie Detection + Dressgate

blueblackllamasFormer TRC host Jon Abrams returns to examine whether everyone in the Middle Ages drank liquor because water was so dirty and polluted.   Next Adam tells us the truth about lie detection.  Or does he?   Lastly Cristina pits the blue-blacks against the white-golds with a look at the viral picture which set off ‘dressgate.’

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Was Everyone In the Middle Ages Drunk?

The Great Medieval Water Myth

Was Water Really Regarded as Dangerous to Drink in the Middle Ages?

Lie Detection

Lie Detection and NLP

Polygraph – Wikipedia

Lie Detection – Skepticblog

The Reality Check #170: Microexpressions + Child Homicide Stats Reporting +  Let Them Eat Cake Myth

polygraph – lie detector – The Skeptic’s Dictionary –


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1 Response to TRC #339: Was Everyone In The Middle Ages Drunk? + Lie Detection + Dressgate

  1. Jeff says:

    RE: TRC 339
    I took a lie detector test as a requirement prior to being hired to work in a drug store. I had just turned 16, which was the minimum age required to work in the state. I was 16 for less than a week and I was excited that I could work and earn my own money. Every response to the question about my age registered as a lie on the machine. The examiner asked me if I was 16 years old and the machine said that I was not truthful.

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