TRC #312: Gamer Stats – Adult Women Vs Teenage Boys + Deer + Puff The Magic Dragon Is About Pot?

puff-dragon-sizedEpisode 312 is all that and more!  First Adam frags some headlines claiming that adult women gamers outnumber teenage boy gamers.   Next Pat hunts for the facts to answer a listener’s questions about deer.  Lastly Darren clears the smoke on whether Puff The Magic Dragon is about marijuana.

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Adult Women Gamers Outnumber Teenage Boy Gamers

Women significantly outnumber teenage boys in gamer demographics – PBS

2014 Sales, Demographics, and Usage Data – Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry – Entertainment Software Association

Nearly identical previous usage data:

Gender split of U.S. computer and video gamers 2014 – statista

Age and Sex Composition: 2010

Boston requests bomb checks, bathroom tweaks for PAX East – Polygon


Wikipedia: Deer-Vehicle Collisions

Wikipedia: White Tailed Deer

How Stuff Works: Counting Deer Populations

Large Predators Limit Herbivore Densities

Insurance Journal: Cost of Deer Collisions

Car and Driver: Avoid Deer Collisions

Geico Insurance: Deer Safety

NY Times: Deer in Headlights

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Wikipedia: Crepuscular

Puff The Magic Dragon




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One Response to TRC #312: Gamer Stats – Adult Women Vs Teenage Boys + Deer + Puff The Magic Dragon Is About Pot?

  1. Reddit says:

    Everything I knew about Puff The Magic Dragon was a lie….

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