TRC #304: Productivity Hacks + Name That Topical Edition + Sheng Long

ShengLong-screenEpisode 304 of The Reality Check will likely break every podcast record ever set. Darren leads things off by analyzing some productivity hacks he read on the internet. Pat then leads a game of Name That, with a totally topical theme. Adam ends the show by answering if Sheng Long was a real Street Fighter character.

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Productivity Hacks

Life Hacker

Harvard Business Review

Thinking and Reasoning

Name That Game

Tested to The Limit: Ronaldo

The History of the Official Fifa World Cup Ball

Huffington Post – O Canada

Wikipedia: Betsy Ross

President Whitmore’s speech

Wikipedia: Independence Day

Washington Post: 5 myths about the American Flag

National Archives : Independence day should be July 2nd

National Archives: FAQs about the Declaration of Independence

Census data: US population

Sheng Long

Sheng Long – Wikipedia

“You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!” – My Geek Wisdom

Gouken – The Street Fighter Wiki

Mexican Independence Day

No Topic Required Podcast

Guile Theme goes with everything (Maury)

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