TRC #637: COVID App Privacy Vulnerability? + ‘Spot The Fake’ + ‘The Next 500 Years’

Adam discovers a vulnerability in the new COVID Verify Ontario app that allows an easy way for anyone to see personal information contained in someone’s Quebec QR code. Pat challenges the crew with an always-entertaining game of ‘Spot The Fake’. Lastly, Darren gives us a quick take on the book, “The Next 500 Years: Engineering Life to Reach New Worlds.”

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COVID App Privacy Vulnerability?

COVID-19 vaccination passport

Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate with QR Code and Verify Ontario App Available for Download Starting October 15 | Ontario Newsroom

‘Spot The Fake’ 

Petition to rename the Australian dollar to the ‘dollarydoo’

Did Wheat Producers in the 1930s Make Flour Sacks To Be Fashioned Into Clothes?

The Little Mouse

More People Have Cell Phones Than Toilets, UN Study Shows |

Osama Bin Laden Had a Copy of “Charlie Bit My Finger” and Crochet Tutorials on His Computer

“Spaghetto” Is the Singular Word for “Spaghetti,” and the Internet May Never Be the Same | Bon Appétit


Scotland’s National Animal – The Unicorn | VisitScotland

Cookie Monster’s First Name Is Sid, And Other Icon’s “Real” Names

The Origin of the Eiffel Tower

Fact Check: Was Pope Francis Once a Nightclub Bouncer?

Most leaves on a clover

​​The First Thermometer

Supreme Court Frequently Asked Questions: General Information

‘The Next 500 Years’

Penguin Random House

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