TRC #621: Subtitles and Reading Skills + Biased Algorithms?

After seeing a viral video featuring Stephen Fry, Cristina examines the practice of turning on same-language subtitling and its surprising effect on reading skills, particularly in children. Adam looks at examples of recent cases where Google and Twitter algorithms are being accused of bias.

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Subtitles and Reading Skills

Turn On The Subtitles: Home

Research into Same-Language Subtitling

TOTS: Our Expert Panels

Stephen Fry talks about turning on the subtitles

Wiki: Stephen Fry

d’Ydewalle Bibliography

Science of Learning: Interview with John Gabrieli

Same Language Subtitling of Bollywood Film Songs on TV: Effects on Literacy

Closed-captioned television: A new tool for reading instruction.

Biased Algorithms

Twitter apologises for ‘racist’ image-cropping algorithm – The Guardian

Transparency around image cropping and changes to come – Twitter

Quick test to see if Twitter’s cropping algorithm is still racist. – Twitter

TRC #466: Science Of Summer + Biased Algorithms + Lord Of The Flies Plausibility? – The Reality Check

Blue Anon – Urban Dictionary

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