TRC #615: Live Your Best Life with Dr. Stuart Farrimond

Aaand…we’re back! This week we dedicate an entire show to chat with our good mate and frequent guest, Dr. Stuart Farrimond, medical doctor turned science communicator and food scientist. Stu joins Pat and Cristina to chat about his latest, and top-selling book, “Live Your Best Life: 219 science-based reasons to rethink your daily routine,” (or “The Science Of Living” if you live outside of North America).

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Stuart Farrimond

Live Your Best Life

The Science Of Living

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  1. Marylen Reid says:

    Hello, I’m the founder of the Canadian Association of Professional Cuddlers and was the keynote speaker to discuss the Science of Touch. And Stuart is on point on the topic of touch. However, I can say after 10 years of practice that it is totally possible to feel comfortable enough with a stranger to have the full benefits of touch!

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