TRC #611: Why Are Albums So Long Now? + Antarctica Pyramids? + Donating Effectively

Cristina kicks off the show with a look into why so many music albums run much longer than back in the day. Adam explores whether enormous pyramids were discovered in Antarctica. Lastly, we rerun a segment from Darren with tips on donating to charities effectively, ahead of Giving Tuesday on December 1st.

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Why Are Albums So Long Now?

Forbes: How longer albums and streaming giants are manipulating the charts

Migos, Drake, Future: Why Are Albums So Long Right Now?

Welcome to the era of the way-too-long album

What is the Ideal Length of an Album?

Album-equivalent unit

Billboard charts

Views (album)

Most songs on a digital album

Billboard News and Streaming data in Charts

Home | String Thirty-Five

Antarctica Pyramids?

@OnEdgeOfWonder –


The Truth About The Mysterious “Pyramid” Discovered In Antarctica – IFL Scienc

Donating Effectively 


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