TRC #610: Who ‘Caused’ Biden to Win? + Rules Around Naming Babies Worldwide

Darren kicks off the show by exploring how to talk and think about causality for something as complicated as 2020’s U.S. election. Next, Cristina takes a fascinating look into the rules around naming babies worldwide and what can happen if parents don’t give their baby a name.

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Who Caused Biden to Win?

Wikipedia Popular Vote in US Elections 

New York Magazine 


Rules Around Naming Babies Worldwide

Today I found Out: What happens if parents don’t give their baby a name

Illegal Baby Names In Canada: How Do We Compare With Other Countries?

27 Baby Names That Have Been Banned Around The World

Convention on the Rights of the Child

YouTube: Don’t Name Your Kids Something Stupid. Dwayne Perkins – Full Special

Wiki: Naming Law

Wiki: Icelandic Naming Committee

Justia US Law – California case

Don’t Name Your Kids Something Stupid. Dwayne Perkins – Full Special

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3 Responses to TRC #610: Who ‘Caused’ Biden to Win? + Rules Around Naming Babies Worldwide

  1. Rich W. says:

    When Darren was using the car accident example I half-expected him to then go into, “And if Car A was traveling from Chicago at 50 MPH and Car B was coming from New York at 65 MPH…”

    BTW “Seven” was also the name of a boy that the Bundy family took in on Married With Children, about four years before the Seinfeld episode. Also, how mad is Adam that you didn’t mention “Seven of Nine” from Star Trek: Voyager? 😉

    The best one I heard of (if true) is when Mrs. & Mr. King named their newborn baby “Nosmo” – as in “No Smoking”

    Thanks for another lovely & informative episode. Perhaps I’ll name my future, never-gonna-happen kids after you. (If not, the girls are getting the most bad-ass women’s names ever: Hatshepsut, Hypatia, and Hortensia)

    • Adam says:

      Hi Rich! I bit late catching up on this episode but for sure when someone mentions a number name the first thing that comes to mind is Seven from Married With Children. As numbers go, it’s probably one of the better number names, which might be why 7 of 9 works well and gets abreviated to simply “Seven”. I just finished watching Raised By Wolves and at one point a pregnant person refers to their unborn 7th child as “Seven”. This is surely language specific. Sept would be a shitty french name, for example.

      Blossom also had Six, which is a name which is about as weird as Blossom! Probably other examples.

      And we could be here all day if I bring up Gundam Wing. Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Une, Trieze, Trant, Septem, Quinze, Solo. Just a few from a quick glance at Wikipedia. More must be names in languages I’m not familiar with.

  2. Rich W. says:

    P.S. (“or I forgot to paste the whole thing!”) Make sure to look up the SNL sketch with Nick Cage about baby names. … goPerp_BWvs

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