TRC #609: COVID-19 Testing in Canada + 2000 Year Old Cat Carving in Peru? + Coke in Coke?

Cristina kicks off the show with an overview of how the Public Health Agency of Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory tests for COVID-19. After archeologists discover a 2000 year old feline geoglyph carved into the hillside in Nazca Lines, Peru, Adam asks, “Is it really a cat?” Darren rounds out the show with a look at Coca-Cola and whether long-time reports of the beverage containing cocaine hold up.

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COVID-19 Testing in Canada

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Awareness resources

How the National Microbiology Laboratory tests for COVID-19

Fact check: Nasal tests best for COVID-19; they don’t implant anything


CDC Fact Sheet

How does coronavirus (COVID-19) nasal swab testing work? 

2000 Year Old Cat Carving in Peru?

Cat – Wikipedia

Archeologists discover 2,000-year-old cat figure carving in Peru’s Nazca Lines site – CBS

Beringia – Wikipedia

Felidea – Wikipedia

Chihuahua (Dog) – Wikipedia

Origin of the domestic dog – Dogs enter North America from northeastern Siberia – Wikipedia

Beverly Hills Chihuahua – The Disney Wiki

Pampas Cats of Peru – International Society for Endangered Cats Canada

Coke in Coke?

Snopes: Cocaine In Coca Cola?

Professor Buzzkill:  Was Coca Cola’s Magic Ingredient Cocaine?

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