TRC #603: The Call To Cancel Netflix Over ‘Cuties’ + Is Jeff Bezos Too Rich?

After the huge backlash around the recent release of coming-of-age drama ‘Cuties’ on Netflix, Pat examines what this film is about. Darren rounds out the show with a deep dive on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ staggering wealth and wonders: is he too rich?

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3 Responses to TRC #603: The Call To Cancel Netflix Over ‘Cuties’ + Is Jeff Bezos Too Rich?

  1. Wilko Schutzendorf says:

    On Jeff’s wealth and taxes …
    Great episode on Cuties and Bezos!
    You mentioned something on passing tax loopholes and offshore accounts. Most people think that someone like Bezos or Buffett need to do that to avoid taxes.
    It is much easier than that. So long as Bezos and Buffett hold their money is stock of Amazon or BH, and the companies don’t pay dividend (which they don’t), they do not need to pay any taxes on anything other than their salaries, 80K for Bezos and 100K for Buffett.
    Buffett is quite frugal and he lives happily on those 100K. Bezos must sell some amazon stock to pay for yachts and mansions. That is when they get him on taxes. But because he is taxed on long term capital gains on the sale of Amazon stock, he is likely to pay a lower % tax on a sale of $1 Billion of stock than he pays pays on a $80K yearly salary.
    It is not as unfair as it seems. A corporation, has already paid taxes on the profits at the corporate level, so when a shareholder pays capital gain taxes, she is suffering double taxation.
    Don’t take this as a correction but as more information for your own curiosity.
    Thank you for the show.

  2. Charlie, the voice messae leaver from 400 episodes ago says:

    To Pat’s point about Cuties,

    Yes, the film makes a point about sexualizing minors and how it’s bad.

    However, in order to make that point, the directors of the film… sexualized minors themselves.

    This is the key issue. It’s not that people who criticize cuties are blind to its message, it’s that the way the message was delivered is in direct opposition to itself.

  3. Pat says:

    You make a decent point. I hope how uncomfortable I was about even addressing this came across. It was not for me.If you watched the movie and had an opinion i’m good with that. The point of the segment is that people were judging the movie without having seen it.

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