TRC #601: Essential Oils Safe For Kids? + Colour In Hubble Photos + Can Former Presidents Drive?

Cristina looks into the safety of so-called ‘essential’ oils when it comes to use around children. Friend of the show, Dr. Stuart Robbins, answers a question about why those picturesque astronomy photos of galaxies far, far away are so colourful. Finally, Darren asks if former United States Presidents are actually allowed to drive.

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Essential Oils Safe For Kids?

Washington Post

Today’s Parent: What you need to know before using essential oils on kids

NY Times: Are essential oils safe for kids?

Are Essential Oils Safe for Children?

Live Science

Vox: MLMs are using the coronavirus to recruit new sellers

TRC Podcast Episode 352

Health Canada: Aroma Therapy

Post Health Truth: Oil Rush

US National Library of Medicine

Colour In Hubble Photos

Dr. Robbins on Twitter

Stuart’s Homepage

Can Former US Presidents Drive?

Wikipedia Former President’s Act 


Business Insider   

Medium – Trump Food Taster 

Snopes: President Food Taster  

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