TRC #596: Bricks For Protesters? + Pre COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories + Closest Galaxy

Darren looks into headlines suggesting that bricks were being left for protesters to incite violence. Cristina gives us a history lesson on conspiracy theories related to plagues and pandemics. Adam addresses some feedback he received on a recent segment and takes us on a tour to find the closest galaxy.

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Bricks For Protesters?

PJ Media 


Global News 




Pre COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

History: Spanish Flu Deaths

Forbes: The Original Plandemic: Unmasking The Eerily Parallel Conspiracy Theories Behind The Russian Flu Of 1889

Vox: Why coronavirus conspiracy theories have spread so quickly

Haaretz: ‘A Terrible New Weapon of War’: The Spanish Flu Had Its Own Share of Conspiracy Theories

Snopes: Sinclair Pulls Show Where ‘Plandemic’ Conspiracy Theory Is Aired

The Atlantic: The Coronavirus Conspiracy Boom

AJPS: Conspiracy Theories and the Paranoid Style(s) of Mass Opinion

Fordham University: Jewish History Sourcebook Black Death and the Jews

Wikipedia: Conspiracy Theory

Closest Galaxy

What is the Closest Galaxy to the Milky Way? – Universe Today

Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy – A Beast With Four Tails? – Universe Today

Andromeda Galaxy – Wikipedia

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