TRC #586: Effective Giving During COVID-19 + Does Your Stomach Shrink? + Cats And COVID-19

Darren takes on listeners’ requests to do a segment on giving during a pandemic like COVID-19. Cristina looks behind an age old notion to find out whether our stomachs really ‘shrink’ when we diet. Adam rounds out the show by dissecting reports of cats catching the Coronavirus.

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Effective Giving During COVID-19


The Hill 



World Food Programme 

Against Malaria Foundation 

Does Your Stomach Shrink?

Smithsonian Mag: Does Dieting Actually Make Your Stomach Shrink?

Huff Post: We Found Out If You Can Actually ‘Shrink’ Your Stomach Through Diet

MSN: Wait, Can You Really Shrink Your Stomach If You Eat Less? Doctors Explain

Womens Health: Does Your Stomach Really Shrink When You Eat Less?

Popular Science: FYI: Do Competitive Eaters Have Unusual Stomachs?

The Science Behind Competitive Eating | Sport Science | ESPN Archives

Mental Floss: Why Are The Best Competitive Eaters So Skinny?

WLTX: How Competitive Eaters Do It – and What it Does to Them

HuffPost: So, There’s A Scientific Reason Why We Always Have Room For Dessert

Cats And COVID-19

Confirmation of COVID-19 in Two Pet Cats in New York – CDC

Coronavirus in Cats – The Spruce Pets

Can cats really get or pass on COVID-19, as a report from Belgium suggests? – The Conversation

Confirmation of COVID-19 in Two Pet Cats in New York – CDC

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