TRC #585: Talking Food and Space with Drs. Robbins and Farrimond

What would happen if the moon was made of cheese? Could you pop popcorn in space? We mastered the time zones and finally got our favourite two Stus together for a fun and informative show! Dr. Stuart Robbins is a research scientist who studies planetary geophysics and Dr. Stuart Farrimond is a medical doctor turned science communicator and expert on food science. We talk about food, we talk about space, and we talk about food in space.

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Dr. Stuart Robbins



Dr. Stuart Farrimond



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1 Response to TRC #585: Talking Food and Space with Drs. Robbins and Farrimond

  1. Rich W. says:

    I’d definitely listen to the Mixed Stu podcast. Glad that all of you are doing well. Good luck to Dr. Farrimond in getting his care package soon. Hopefully it will contain some of the items from Pat’s Name That on British foods.

    I started the produce therapy thing a few months ago, and now it keeps long enough for me to use it all. The only thing I didn’t expect was that tomatoes and peppers will still ripen more afterwards (using a paper bag by the window).

    Thanks for another fun episode, especially the fun use of both Dr. Stus’ expertise with the cheese moon discussion. I’d imagine that the core would heat up as it contracted, resulting in lactovulcanism – the ultimate fondue party! Take care.

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