TRC #582: COVID-19 Risk Of Death + Tom Nook Greedy Capitalist?

Just can’t get enough coronavirus and Animal Crossing talk? We’ve got you covered! This week Darren checks in on you and asks: what are the actual chances of dying from COVID-19? As usual, it’s complicated. Next Adam looks into whether Tom Nook from the game Animal Crossing is a greedy capitalist villain, keeping players buried under ever-increasing debt.

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COVID-19 Risk Of Death

Our World in Data 



Tom Nook A Greedy Capitalist?

@mrpibmo – Twitter

Nintendo Switch – Wikipedia

Mortgage – Animal Crossing Wiki

Opinion: When I Say Eat The Rich, That Includes Tom Nook – The Hard Drive

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1 Response to TRC #582: COVID-19 Risk Of Death + Tom Nook Greedy Capitalist?

  1. Arlene Rogers says:

    Hi Darren:
    Your Mom forwarded Reality Check to me and I’m very impressed. A lot of preparation and intelligence is evident. Thanks for all the information on the risk involved. Keep up the good work. No reply necessary. Just wanted to comment.

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