TRC #580: COVID-19 Vs Flu + WHO COVID-19 Mythbusting + Toilet Paper Shortage?

How is everyone holding up out there? This week the whole crew is back…sort of. Darren tapes solo from his post-travel quarantine to bring us an in-depth look at COVID-19 versus the seasonal flu. Cristina shares some recent COVID-19 mythbusting from the WHO so we…ahem…won’t get fooled again. Adam rounds out the show by looking at the recent stockpiling of toilet paper and asking, ‘is there really a toilet paper shortage?’

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COVID-19 Vs Flu

Science Alert

Live Science comparion 

Live Science myth busted 


STAT article by Ioannidis 

WHO COVID-19 Mythbusting

WHO: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: Myth busters

National Geographic: Why soap is preferable to bleach in the fight against coronavirus

LiveScience: 13 Coronavirus myths busted by science

BBC: Coronavirus – Robots use light beams to zap hospital viruses

Khmer Times: Ultraviolet light can kill the novel coronavirus – COVID-19

YouTube: The Killers “Mr. Brightside”

YouTube: The Killers’ Brandon Flowers washes hands to ”Mr. Brightside” amid Coronavirus pandemic

Toilet Paper Shortage? 

The economics of toilet paper shortages is the same as bank runs. – @JuntinWolfers –

Did Johnny Carson cause a Toilet Paper Shortage in 1973? – Snopes

The Great Toilet Paper Scare of 1973 – Priceonomics

Stop buying all the toilet paper. There’s no shortage if everyone takes only what they need. – The Texas Tribune

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One Response to TRC #580: COVID-19 Vs Flu + WHO COVID-19 Mythbusting + Toilet Paper Shortage?

  1. Rich W. says:

    The idiom I use when talking about disparate things is “…like comparing apples & orgasms.” (But not around kids.)

    Since I hate soap residue (especially scented soaps) it already takes me at least twenty seconds to get it all off. Though I guess I could use the final verse of “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” to make sure.

    Thanks for the corrections, new details, and tips for avoiding both the disease and the dangerous misinformation. Again, please stay safe.

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