TRC #568: Halloween THC Candy + Blob With 720 Sexes + Hillary Clinton NASA Denial Letter

Cristina looks into the latest Halloween fear mongering to assess whether THC-laced candy is an especially big concern this year. Darren digs deep behind the headlines that a Paris zoo showcased a blob with 720 sexes. Adam explores whether Hillary Clinton’s account  of writing to NASA as a kid and receiving a reply stating that women can’t be astronauts has a moon nugget of truth to it.

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Halloween THC Candy

Tucson Sentinel: Halloween Sadism

ABC News: Police Urge Caution, THC Laced Candy

CNN: Police Warn Drug Laced Candy

Rolling Stone: Edibles: Halloween Candy

CBS Pittsburgh: Police Warn Marijuana Laced Candy

Snopes: Tainted Halloween Candy Reports

USA Today: Halloween Candy Myths

Google Trends: Halloween Candy

Wikipedia: Poisoned Candy Myths

Blob With 720 Sexes






Twitter – Zoo de Paris 

Slime Mold Science Paper 

Hillary Clinton NASA Reject Letter

@HillaryClinton on Twitter

Hillary Clinton’s often-told story that NASA rejected her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut – The Washington Post

NASA Astronauts Make History with 1st All-Woman Spacewalk –

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