TRC #563: Citations And Science Reporting + Swearing Makes You Stronger + Evolution Of Skin Colour

Darren looks into an article, and terrible graph, that suggests the rate at which scientists in Italy cite themselves and their colleagues is on the rise. Cristina checks out research into whether uttering profanities can make you stronger. Adam wonders about the evolutionary cause of various skin pigments in different human populations.

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Citations and Science Reporting

Science Mag 

Baccini et al paper 

Seeber et al 

Swearing Makes You Stronger

Science Direct

New Yorker


How Stuff Works

Journal Of Pain

The British Psychological Society


Keele University

Science Direct


Swearing The Language Of Life and Death

Potty Mouth

Evolution Of Skin Colour

Why Did Darker and Lighter Human Skin Colors Evolve? – Discover Magazine

Modern Human Diversity – Skin Color – Smithsonian

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