TRC #561: How IKEA Names Stuff + Absolute Zero + Amazon Fires

Cristina looks into the naming convention for IKEA products. Is KOLBJÖRN just Swedish for where’s that Allen key? Darren does a deep dive on absolute zero.  Adam looks into recent headlines about fires in the Amazon rainforest. The facts may surprise you.

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How IKEA Names Stuff

Business Insider: IKEA Product Naming System

Business Insider: IKEA Furniture Names Origin Story

Here Is The Real Reason Behind The Name Of IKEA’s products

Wikipedia: List Of Countries With IKEA stores

Video:  Who Was The Founder Of IKEA

The Secret Taxonomy Behind IKEA Names

Absolute Zero

Wikipedia – Absolute Zero 

Wikipedia – Zero Point Energy 

Colder than Absolute Zero 


Absolute Hot 

Amazon Rainforest Fires

Global Fire Emissions Database

With Amazon Rain Forest Ablaze, Brazil Faces Global Backlash – New York Times

Amazon rainforest – Wikipedia

Fires in Brazil – Earth Observatory – Nasa

Was the Amazon Rainforest on Fire in August 2019? – Snopes

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