TRC #559: NY Times Best Seller List + Epstein Suicide? + The Secret Of Our Success

Cristina kicks off the show by taking a closer look at the NY Times Best Seller list and what being a “bestselling author” really means. Adam puts Occam’s razor to good use while exploring whether it’s plausible that Jeffrey Epstein may have committed suicide in jail. Finally, Darren digs into anthropologist Joseph Henrich’s book, “The Secret of Our Success: How Culture Is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter.”

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NY Times Best Seller List

Fast Company: What Being A “Bestselling Author” Really Means

Cracked: 5 Official-Sounding Measurements That Are Complete BS

LA Times: Can bestseller lists be bought?

Wiki: The NY Times Best Seller List

Vox: Best Seller Lists Expained

Patheos: How Mark Driscoll Gamed The Publishing Game

Christian Today: Fast-tracked restoration: Why is Mark Driscoll already back in church leadership?

Epstein Suicide?

Op-Ed: Forget the conspiracy theories. Here’s why it’s likely Jeffrey Epstein killed himself – LA Times

What Happens on Suicide Watch? – Slate

Who Was Watching Epstein? Suicide Watch At MCC Often Staffed By Inmate Observers – Forbes

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Why Are So Many Sex Offenders Getting Murdered in California’s Prisons? – Vice

The Secret Of Our Success

Slate Star Codex Review 

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