TRC #557: Mercury Retrograde + Is All Table Salt Sea Salt? + ‘Why We Sleep’

Are you having a bad month, Checkers? Mercury is said to be in retrograde but what does that really mean? Cristina takes us on a little fact-finding mission through the Cosmos to find out. Next, Adam brings the panel another great ‘I did not know that!’ segment when he breaks down the origin of salt after Neil deGrasse Tyson tweets all salt comes from the Sea. Finally, Darren helps busts some sleep myths after reading ‘Why We Sleep’ by neuroscientist Matthew Walker.

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Mercury Retrograde

NY Times: Mercury Retrograde Facts A Strongly Worded Letter To People Who Talk About the Mercury Retrograde

LiveScience: No, Mercury Retrograde Will Not Mess Up Your Life

VOX: Mercury retrograde, explained without astrology

Mental Floss: What is Mercury in Retrograde, and Why Do We Blame Things On It?

MNN: What does Mercury in retrograde mean?

NASA blog: StarChild Question of the Month

Vox (video)

Is All Table Salt Sea Salt?

It turns out not all salt comes from the ocean –

Salt – Wikipedia

Where does the salt come from? – Exploring Our Ocean

Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker PhD 

Guardian Review 

Walker busting sleep myths 

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